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In this thread, you'll find the official list of all VALOFE Staff and Moderators involved in Combat Arms: the Classic. Always remember that official VALOFE Staff, GMs, and Moderators will never ask for your passwords ever.
VALOFE Staff and GMs
In-Game Name Discord
GM-Trygve vHidea#4436
GM-ChanYuki vDrake#4113
GM-Athena vMabee#3116
GM-Panda2019 Pandie#5681
GM-xZyph Zyph#4386
GM-ImDeadInside GM-mccoy#1170
GM-vHedwig Hedwig#7573
GM-SH1N1G4M1 GM-SH1N1G4M1#2763
GM-ArchAngel vStrawberry#8558
In-Game Name Discord
FM-Brotkrumen Brotkrumen#0557
FM-Uruchi Uruchi#2406
FM-Vincere Vincere#1542
FM-TaUGem TaUGem#2168
FM-Tamer Tamer#3848
FM-DarkHorizon DarkHorizon#6090
FM-H3RO H3RO#7187
Never give your account information especially your password to anyone! GMs, FMs, and other VALOFE Members will never ask for your password.
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GMs will always have the "Awesome Mod" title and Moderators will have the "Reloaded Moderator" title. Please be reminded that this topic can and will be edited to reflect updates to the Staff, GMs and Moderators.