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1. Server Stability.

2. Start of the Anniversary Week
700% extra EXP and GP Boost
Duration: January 15 – January 22

BSS Mileage Points Boost (3 times)
Duration: January 15 – January 22

Anniversary Packages
• Super Package – 5,800 GCoins
a. Super Elite Moderator (30 days)
b. MYST-Mega 5 (7 pieces)
c. Viewty’s Case 1/5 (7 pieces)
d. Super Weapon Renewal Kit (7 pieces)
e. Super Megaphone (10 pieces)
f. Gold Coin (5 pieces) FREE!

• Lust Package – 9,999 GCoins
a. Player Name Change (1 piece)
b. Loaded CORE Supply Crate (7 pieces)
c. MYST-Roaring Dragon (7 pieces)
d. 1-Star Gold Weapon License (30 pieces/7 pieces)
e. MYST- Bizarre (7 pieces)
f. Combat Dice (5 pieces) FREE!

• Ultimate Package – 6,772 GCoins
a. Supply Crate MYST-Max (7 pieces)
b. MYST-Deadeye (7 pieces)
c. Supreme MOD Collection (3 pieces)
d. MYST-Epic (Rate U_U) (7 pieces)
e. Ultimate Weapon Renewal Kit (7 pieces)
f. Super Megaphone (10 pieces) FREE!

• Mysterious Package – 6,630 GCoins
a. MYST-Weapon I (7 pieces)
b. MYST-Weapon II (7 pieces)
c. MYST-Weapon III (3 pieces)
d. MYST-Weapon IV (7 pieces)
e. MYST-Gear (7 pieces)
f. Elite Moderator (30 days)
g. Player Record Reset (1 piece)
h. Weapon Renewal Kit (7 pieces)
i. Party Respawn Token (10 pieces) FREE!
Anniversary Sales Event
• Up to 40% discount on selected items below:
a. Tempest Aviator Package
b. Silver Skull Package
c. Nevada Lobo Package
d. Envious Tiger Package
e. Abstract Mystery Package
f. Deep Howl Package
g. MYST-Tempest Avaitor
h. MYST-Nevada Lobo
i. MYST-Envious Tiger
j. MYST-Abstrac Mystery
k. MYST-Deep Howl
l. Super Elite Moderator
m. Elite Moderator
n. Player Name Change
o. Clan Emblem
p. Combat Dice
q. Max Set Package