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A normal life was taken from a young girl, as she was trained to use the sword to kill people. She was called "Project 001" but, she was known as Kuina : the blade of vengeance!

Meet the first 0utcast Rangers!

Kuina : The Blade of Vengeance
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First of the Outcast trained by NMX. Her Superior reflexes and precise eyesight makes her the deadliest of all the projects. Rumors say that no other person can match her both in guns and swords

Protection – 30%
Protects from flash – 46%
Speed – 15%
Sprint Stamina – 37%
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Kuina’s Helmet
Kuina’s helmet that she uses to disguise her face from her enemies. Legends say that when you see a woman in a helmet, start running.

Protects from gas – 26%
Headshot Protection – 58%
Protects from flash – 43%
Speed – 14%
Sprint Stamina – 26%
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Kuina’s Backpack
Kuina’s signature backpack where all of her deadliest weapons for assassination is stored.

Slot – 4

Taste the blood of vengeance! Get her now!
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