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Patch Notes

-Friendly Fire and OB Mode can be enabled in PCM mode.
-FPS cap will be locked at 250.
-Added “Invite Button” in Super Megaphone.

Event Content Updates

Update March 2023 Daily Jobs
-Play and Complete your daily jobs to earn weapons, gear and functional Item that will help you in every battle!

Update March 2023 Wheel of Fate rewards
Update March 2023 Combat Dice rewards
Update March 2023 Rollcall rewards
Update March 2023 EXP/GP boost
Update March 2023 Survival Pass rewards

-Earn various rewards and Get the new “ACR Contemp”only in survival pass!!
Update 5-Shot
Update Bubba's Secret Stash
-Get your kuina suit up with this exclusive skins you can only get on Bubba's Secret stash!
Show them your PROJECT001 Kuina suite as you do your missions and fight your way to the top or get suite up to your training uniform with the FIRST CLASS Kuina!

Guaranteed Permanent item if you use your special points on “Incredible Boxes”

New Character and Gear
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Kuina:The Blade of Vengeance
First of the Outcast trained by NMX. Her Superior reflexes and precise eyesight makes her the deadliest of all the projects. Rumors say that no other person can match her both in guns and swords

Protection – 30%

Protects from flash – 46%
Speed – 15%
Sprint Stamina – 37%
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First Class: Kuina
Kuina’s signature outfit worn during her days training in the Scarlet Chamber. Being top of her class, no one can beat her even in a team versus one battle.

Protection – 28%
Protects from flash – 44%
Speed – 17%
Sprint Stamina – 35%
Click image for larger version  Name:	KUINA DARK HAIR(1) (1).png Views:	0 Size:	19.6 KB ID:	68769
Project 001: Kuina
Sovereign of the projects who vow to bring the truth of Justice and Order. Kuina empowers Justice and avenges those who were abused by it.

Protection – 28%
Protects from flash – 44%
Speed – 17%
Sprint Stamina – 35%
Click image for larger version  Name:	CM_HLMT_Kuina.png Views:	0 Size:	31.2 KB ID:	68770
Kuina’s Helmet
Kuina’s helmet that she uses to disguise her face from her enemies. Legends say that when you see a woman in a helmet, start running.

Protects from gas – 26%
Headshot Protection – 58%
Protects from flash – 43%
Speed – 14%
Sprint Stamina – 26%
Click image for larger version  Name:	CM_BGPK_Kuina.png Views:	0 Size:	14.5 KB ID:	68771
Kuina’s Backpack
Kuina’s signature backpack where all of her deadliest weapons for assassination is stored.

Slot – 4


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Click image for larger version  Name:	ICON_Box_Kuina_Gear.png Views:	0 Size:	9.2 KB ID:	68772
MYST - Kuina (x1,x7 & x15)
This MYST-box contains Kuina and her Gears, and you can get them with random duration from 1 day to permanent.

Kuina Package (1Days, 7Days,30Days,90days&Perm)
Kuina and her gears are Mythic. They are packaged with 1-days duration. Get this offer to have a better game performance.

Click image for larger version  Name:	Harlequin (1).png Views:	0 Size:	35.3 KB ID:	68773
Harlequin (Cosmetics) (1Days, 7Days,30Days,90days&Perm)
The original wielder of the harlequin guns, Harlequin is the fusion of comedy and chaos. Her craziness knows no bounds and will make any enemy cower in fear and submission. Purchase this item with GC to gain access to renewal and deletion.

Click image for larger version  Name:	Natalia the reaper.png Views:	0 Size:	249.9 KB ID:	68774
Natalia the Reaper (Cosmetics) (1Days, 7Days,30Days,90days&Perm)
Rumor began to emerge about the legendary mercenary called the Grim Reaper that she disappeared a few years later. The main character of the rumor is Natalia. But nothing is revealed about her except that her name is Natalia.

Click image for larger version  Name:	Scorpion (1).png Views:	0 Size:	72.9 KB ID:	68775
Scorpion (Cosmetics) (1Days, 7Days,30Days,90days&Perm)
A former member of Baron’s JSF special forces unit. He was listed KIA after a brutal head injury on-mission, but in truth he survived with some memory loss. Baron has convinced him to join Warcorp under the code name Scorpion to keep him safe from government assassins for now.

CASH SHOP update
Kuina Package (1Day) 400
Kuina Package (7 Days) 935
Kuina Package (30 Days) 3,450
Kuina Package (90 Days) 4,030
Kuina Package (Perm) 4,680
MYST - Kuina 400
MYST - Kuina x7 2,080
MYST - Kuina x15 3,240
Scorpion (Cosmetic) (1 Day) 245
Scorpion (Cosmetic) (7 Days) 700
Scorpion (Cosmetic) (30 Days) 1,200
Scorpion (Cosmetic) (90 Days) 1,995
Scorpion (Cosmetic) (Perm) 2,880
Natalia Reaper (Cosmetic) (1 Day) 245
Natalia Reaper (Cosmetic) (7 Days) 700
Natalia Reaper (Cosmetic) (30 Days) 1,200
Natalia Reaper (Cosmetic) (90 Days) 1,995
Natalia Reaper (Cosmetic) (Perm) 2,880
Harlequin (Cosmetic) (1 Day) 245
Harlequin (Cosmetic) (7 Days) 700
Harlequin (Cosmetic) (30 Days) 1,200
Harlequin (Cosmetic) (90 Days) 1,995
Harlequin (Cosmetic) (Perm) 2,880
MYST - Reaper Weapons x1 500
MYST - Reaper Weapons x7 2,513
MYST - Reaper Weapons x15 3,850
MYST-Harlequin x1 600
MYST-Harlequin x7 2,993
MYST-Harlequin x15 4,455
MYST - Melissa x1 500
MYST - Melissa x7 2,513
MYST - Melissa x15 3,850
MYST - AgentZ x1 600
MYST - AgentZ x7 3,075
MYST - AgentZ x15 4,840
MYST - Mika Gears x1 500
MYST - Mika Gears x7 2,513
MYST - Mika Gears x15 3,850
MYST-Cyborg Ingram x1 250
MYST-Cyborg Ingram x7 1,247
MYST-Cyborg Ingram x15 1,856
MYST - Tarot x1 600
MYST - Tarot x7 2,850
MYST - Tarot x15 3,850
MYST -Tarot II x1 600
MYST -Tarot II x7 2,850
MYST -Tarot II x15 3,850
MYST - Tarot-III x1 520
MYST - Tarot-III x7 2,663
MYST - Tarot-III x15 4,015
Tarot Package (Perm) 4,480
Tarot-II Package (90 Days) 4,410
Tarot-II Package (Perm) 5,600
Reaper Weapons Package (Perm) 4,320
Harlequin Package (Perm) 3,600
Kamon Package (Perm) 5,100
Pisces L115A3 (1 Day) 260
Pisces L115A3 (7 Day) 730
Pisces L115A3 (30 Day) 1,275
Pisces L115A3 (90 Day) 1,838
Pisces L115A3 (Perm) 3,360
Pisces NR-40 (1 Day) 40
Pisces NR-40 (7 Day) 145
Pisces NR-40 (30 Day) 295
Pisces NR-40 (90 Day) 495
Pisces NR-40 (Perm) 995
Zodiac Pisces Mask (1 Day) 265
Zodiac Pisces Mask (7 Day) 730
Zodiac Pisces Mask (30 Day) 1,275
Zodiac Pisces Mask (90 Day) 1,838
Zodiac Pisces Mask (Perm) 3,290
Famas Golden Shooter 1 Day 265
Famas Golden Shooter 7 Days 730
Famas Golden Shooter 30 Days 1,275
Famas Golden Shooter 90 Days 2,205
Famas Golden Shooter Permanent 3,525
PP-19 MOD Golden 1 Day 265
PP-19 MOD Golden 7 Days 730
PP-19 MOD Golden 30 Days 1,275
PP-19 MOD Golden 90 Days 2,205
PP-19 MOD Golden Permanent 3,525
Golden Gothic P226 1 Day 137
Golden Gothic P226 7 Days 516
Golden Gothic P226 30 Days 836
Golden Gothic P226 90 Days 1,659
Golden Gothic P226 Permanent 2,765
Golden Armor Backpack 1 Day 99
Golden Armor Backpack 7 Days 373
Golden Armor Backpack 30 Days 710
Golden Armor Backpack 90 Days 1,198
Golden Armor Backpack Permanent 2,130
Bonus EXP (500%)+GP (500%) Pass x1 50
Bonus EXP (500%)+GP (500%) Pass x10 405
Bonus EXP (500%)+GP (500%) Pass x50 1,520
Ultimate Weapon Renewal Kit x1 228
Ultimate Weapon Renewal Kit x7 1,260
Ultimate Weapon Renewal Kit x15 2,326
Ultimate Weapon Renewal Kit x30 3,848
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