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Events and DShop Sales - 2 July 2021

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  • Events and DShop Sales - 2 July 2021

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    Greetings, Dekarons!

    Here's a list of events and DShop Sales that are currently available:

    • Classic Stash Dungeon Drive:
      • Available until 06.08.2021 at 23:59 CEST
      • A Classic Stash will be dropped by bosses in the following dungeons. Break it to claim the treasure inside!
      • Dungeons:
        • Norak Secret Arena (Lv71+, Norak Cave)
        • Python Donjon (Lv118+, Doomed Maze)
        • Nunvice Temple (Lv145+, Crespo)
        • Umbar's Counterattack (Lv150+, The Deadlands)
        • Favnil's Nest (Lv168+, Dravice Town)
    • Weekend Grind: Until 04.07.2021 at 23:59 CEST
      • Friday and Sturday: x2 EXP and x2 Drop Boost
      • Sunday: x4 EXP and x3 Drop Boost
    • July Attendance Rewards:
      • Ends on 30.07.2021 at 23:59 CEST
      • A new set of attendance rewards are now available!
    • Meister Skill Upgrade Event: Reduced DIL price for upgrading Meister and Grand Meister skills and increased chances of success.
      • ​​​​​​​Ends on July 9, 2021 (23:59:59 CEST)
      • 100% chance to upgrade Meister skills to Lv5 and Grand Meister skills to Lv4.
      • Chance of success for upgrading past Meister Lv5 and Grand Meister Lv4 also increased.

    Available until 16.07.2021 (23:59:59 CEST)
    • NEW! Tackle Box
    • NEW! Tackle Box (multi)
    • NEW! Blacksmith's Grace Bug Furtune Box
    Available until 09.07.2021 (23:59:59 CEST) : 20% off sale items
    • NEW! Grand Meister Skill Book Exchange Box (Bind)
    • New Skill Book Lucky Box
    • New Skill Book Lucky Box (x10)
    • NEW! Blessing of Gnire Random Box
    • Meister Change
    • Gniar's Secret Document
    • Gniar's Secret Document (x10)
    VALOFE Operations Team