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The season of bargain loots is coming ~ Black Friday!

Help fill up the Treasure Chest with loots by reacting, commenting and sharing the Facebook post!

Event Start : November 11, 2021
Event End : November 25, 2021

  • Users must either REACT (any emoji counts), SHARE and COMMENT ("LOOTS!") on the Facebook post to fill up the Treasure Chest with loots!
  • Each action has an equal loot count :
Reacts = 250 loots
Shares = 350 loots
Comments = 200 loots
  • Rewards are cumulative and will depend on the total number of loots inside the "Treasure Chest". So invite your friends to join so we can reach the highest reward tier!
  • Users can like, share, comment as many times as possible. The more loots accumulated, the more rewards every Dekaron gets!
  • Rewards will be sent after the 26 November 2021 Maintenance.
  • Only 1 reward package per account.