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Tower of Dawn

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  • Tower of Dawn

    Tower of Dawn

    This tower has been discovered in the New Elian Kingdom's military zone near Foose. Guardians defend this ancient-style tower, with strange voices roaring from the top floor! Go up floor by floor and conquer the Tower of Dawn to reveal its secrets!


    When you clear the final dungeon, your ranking will be determined by the time elapsed.

    Your clearance record is reset at midnight on the first day of each month (UTC).

    Once the record is reset, you can try the Tower of Dawn again from the beginning.

    You can claim dungeon rewards, too.

    Upon reset, monster spawn will change and you will need to adopt new strategies accordingly.

    Ranking will be reset as well.

    How to Play

    The Tower of Dawn has only one route from the 1st to the top floor.

    You must clear a floor to proceed to the next.

    You will always get ranked SS upon clearing each dungeon.


    You will get a reward every time you clear a floor.

    Each floor offers a variety of rewards, such as Crystals and Refinement/Modification Stones.

    The Boss dungeons, which appear every 10 levels, give a compl. Set Equipment Capsule

    The final boss dungeon gives a ★3-5 Set Equipment Capsule.

    You cannot get another reward from the floors you cleared until they are reset.

  • #2
    Tower of down plis reset


    • #3
      Tower 115 can't start game Please reset


      • #4
        Uff yekaterine floor 110 it is difficult


        • #5
          They could not lower a couple of floors to yekaterine?


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