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Dimensional Breakthrough

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  • Dimensional Breakthrough

    Dimensional Breakthrough

    Dimensional Breakthrough is another battlefield consisting of 10 virtual dimensions.


    You can clear all the virtual dimension once a day.

    When all your heroes are dead, you can restart Dimensional Breakthrough.

    When you restart Dimensional Breakthrough, you will be returned to the first virtual dimension.

    All your knocked down heroes are revived.

    The last virtual dimension cannot be reset.

    How to Play

    Each virtual dimension is guarded by a different party of enemies.

    Defeat a party of enemies in a virtual dimension to move on to the next.

    If you do not like the enemies in a virtual dimension, you can reset the stage by searching again.

    Heroes, if they are knocked down in a stage, cannot be used in the next stages.

    You will have to replace the dead heroes with another to proceed with the next stage.

    If you successfully clear a virtual dimension, then the remaining heroes recover 10% HP and MP.


    In Dimensional Breakthrough, you can find Genes and Energy.

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    Hey team at Valoffe, there has pretty much been very little incentive to do this mode because Fruel is a garbage character that desperately needs an update (in addition to 100% of the older characters that no one uses), Lena can get genes, but otherwise all you get is a little bit of gold...

    I suggest in addition to the current rewards, you add 500-1,000 Ancient Coins, and perhaps Soul Gear Summon Scroll pieces since they no loger are awarded.

    The main takeaway is that every mode should have an incentive to keep players around and stay excited. The game is so boring when there aren't new events, characters, sets of gear, etc., but updating old modes (and giving more rewards for Guild Battle) would definitely bring higher player retention.


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      Motion seconded


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        Indeed, hope they read these forums. For their own good. Bored players just switch to something else.


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          whay icant enter dbt? (id not found troble)


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            all right I beat dimensional breakthrough now what


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              it's because it will give you a x2 on something for example x2 gold or x2 mana or x2 coins