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  • Battle of Honor

    Battle of Honor

    In Battle of Honor mode, you can pit your strength against other players'.


    The Battle of Honor is season-based and a new season begins every Monday.

    Each player is given 1,000 Honor Points by default.

    Your Honor Points fluctuate depending on your battle results.

    You can check your battle record in Battle Record.

    In Battle Record, you can have revenge matches with those who defeated you.

    Honor Swords required for entering this mode are regenerated by 1 every 2 hours.

    How to Play

    Only parties of 4 can enter the Battle of Honor.

    The camp that will attack first is randomly selected.

    Lord skills cannot be used.


    You will get your Battle of Honor rewards at the end of each season.

    To get rewards, you must have a record of attacking at least once.

    If you increased your grade, you will also receive a Grade reward at the end of the season.

    From a certain grade, you will not lose Honor Points even if you lose the battle.

    You can check the requirements and rewards for each grade in the View Rewards menu.

    Join the Battle of Honor, and you can get 1 Energy.

    You can instantly get an Attack reward depending on your attack count.

    Honor Shop

    Here, you can buy various items with the coins that you've earned in the Battle of Honor.

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    I think Battle of Honor is down on Global Server. Please fix maintenance window. Thank you, XeebleWeeble.


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      Why does a pop up appear saying "ID Not Found" ?


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        Battle of honor never reset and saying i never played and it keeps unequiping my saved party settings and garrison settings


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          Can anybody tell me where i Can see how long the season last?


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            A week. Resets sunday at 7 est

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          The winning battle results are reloading the opponents list after each battle


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            How to get honor potions?


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              How to defeat boss to second to the last


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