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  • FWTR Most Unforgettable Experience

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    Greetings Lords!

    Everyone has an experience of playing FWTR. Want to share your FWTR experience with others? Share your wonderful FWTR experience on our Facebook page and get a chance to win awesome treats as a reward from our page. Choose your wonderful screenshot of your FWTR experience (on monster battle or even guild raid).

    1. All players logged in and take a photo screenshot of most unforgettable FWTR experience (monster battle mode, selfie with your party mode or even guild raid).
    2. On the comment section, input your short FWTR experience on the game. Please include also your IGN: & Server:
    This game is fantastic! The main reason why it got me hooked up was the similarities in FF Tactics, which was one of my all time favourite games.–IGN: Chase / Server: Global

    3. Remember to include your IGN name and server name with your entry to qualify!
    4. Rewards will be received on your inbox 7 days after the announcement of winners on facebook page
    5. Randomly pick 10 Lucky winners will receive 200 crystals.
    6. Announcement of the winners & delivery will be made on our community facebook page.
    7. Rewards will be delivered to your inbox

    [How to join]
    · All players can join the event
    [Event Schedule]
    · June 27 to June 30
    [Rewards] • 10 Lucky winners: 200 Crystals


    [Disclaimer] - By joining this event and becoming a participant signifies that you automatically agree to all our terms and conditions.
    - The decision of the GM is final and indisputable and we have the right to change any part of the mechanics including the prizes as we deem fit without prior notice.
    ** Rewards will be sent within 7 days after the announcement of winners. **
    Come and join us as we dominate the game.

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    VALOFE just awaken all heroes even if they don’t have an awakening skill, because we gotta use our awakening tickets.

    Expand the guild Cap to 50 or more, because 20 is literally the smallest guild size I’ve seen in my life.

    ~ Implement guild rankings (officer, GM, member, recruit)

    There are plenty of suggestions but just work on what you can hopefully you can listen to my suggestions unlike Nexon. These suggestions are easy to implement and they shouldn’t be too hard.

    IGN: Divinest
    Server: Global

    If your actually going to listen to the community’s suggestions like you say please look and respond thanks.


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      Hello Divinest,

      Thank you for sharing the following suggestions. We assure you that we will forward this to the development team for review for the future improvements of the game.

      Valofe Team

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    Goodday Is There A Chance To Have Event like before like the noblesse and Tower of gods heroes because i really want to get them


    • gspgm001
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      Hello. Thank you for sharing your insight regarding the recent event such as Noblesse and Tower of God. As of now, we can only ask you to stay tuned for the future news and announcement regarding the new events. No worries, we will forward this to the development team for review.

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      Setubuh gan

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    Yes pls! Noblesse and tower of god event! I badly want to get those heroes too!


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      I want both of them too

      Please tower of god for valentine


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        can't register account, guest accounts only?


        • #7
          I want both of them too


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            I love events


            • #9
              I want share my experience


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                Thanks for the event. Hope I can win


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                  Hope I can win