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Glass Soul Bottle

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  • shinshoryukn
    I found Glass Soul Bottles in Akrat Plains, Hastan Village, under the NPC Master Alchemist Jubail. 1g 50s per bottle. Hope that helps.

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  • DylanJohn
    started a topic Glass Soul Bottle

    Glass Soul Bottle

    Where do I get this? It says from Alchemy Crafting Merchants in Elloras Sanctuary or Windhome - I've checked both locations and neither the item nor it's recipe (If there is such a recipe) are available for sale. The broker doesn't have any for sale.

    As you all know, the game is pretty much dead so asking in game for an hour was a bust and there is NOTHING via Google about this item. If anyone has any experience or knows first hand, please help a brotha out.

    Thank you!