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Death Bringer's Event (Post-Halloween)

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  • Death Bringer's Event (Post-Halloween)

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    We have prepared another event for everyone~
    A post-Halloween event will commence after the maintenance.

    Psycheos (Death Bringer)
    Saving some soul from my hands? I believe you cannot do it without a help from your friends.

    [Event][Daily] Salvation of the Soul
    • Objective:
      • Destroy Funerary Jar 0/10
    • Rewards:
      • x5 Haunted Crest

    [Event][Daily] Bloodless Redemption
    • Objective:
      • Defeat Corpse-Eating Ghoul 0/25
      • Defeat Jack the Hunter
      • Destroy Black magic Orb 0/20
    • Rewards:
      • x5 Haunted Crest

    [Event][Daily] Overlord's Execution
    • Objective:
      • Defeat Dark Sentry <Fallen legion> 0/25
      • Defeat Fallen Dark Soldier <Fallen Legion> 0/25
      • Defeat Executioner Mercurius
    • Rewards:
      • x10 Haunted Crest

    [Event][Daily] Badblood Extortion
    • Objective:
      • Defeat Carleon <Master Vampire>
    • Rewards:
      • x5 Haunted Crest

    Psycheos Shop

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    Goodluck and Enjoy!