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    Kurubo <The Magical Scapegoat>
    December 04 - December 11, 2019
    Mom my an oopsie from the last festival she made. Now, she is making up for her sons and daughter. A very special treat for all of them!

    Trickster's Treat!
    [Event][Daily] Tricking the Trickster!
    • Objective: Obtain gold ore 0/10
    • Reward: x20 Trickster's Treat

    Ranger's Treat!
    [Event][Daily] Rangers took an arrow to the knee
    • Objective: Obtain Fallen Branches 0/10
    • Reward: x20 Ranger's Arro

    Priest's Treat!
    [Event][Daily] Priests always forgives
    • Objective: Obtain Sage grass 0/10
    • Rewards: x20 Faith of the Priest

    Here is also my shop! you can use that currency to exchange some items from my shop! Shop well~

    Trickster's Shop
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    Ranger's Shop
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    Priest's Shop
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    Also, if you want to know where I'm hiding. Solve the riddle below and you will find me successfully.
    "Gather your strength in order to grow, to see me floating outside the border. You must encounter the dragon in order to find me in the temple where Ellora lives."

    Good luck! and May Ellora be ever in your favor.