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Mount Story Event 7~

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  • Mount Story Event 7~

    Click image for larger version  Name:	paragas.png Views:	2 Size:	49.5 KB ID:	19663
    Mount Story of the Week!
    February 19 to February 25, 2020

    Valiant Riders, the kingdom of Hakanas calls upon you to survey and submit information about the uncontrollable and once right-hand of Karash the Dark One, Paragas the Mad, but be careful it is known that Parags attacks its own kind!

    Join us on the hunt and earn prizes by a simple Storytelling, Capture, Collect, and Conquer!

    * Capture Paragas the Mad
    - Found at the Tritael Rift region.
    - Recipe drops from Karasha the Dark One
    * Create a story about your adventure
    - No more than 500 words including spaces
    * Submit it according to format rules

    Submissions format can be found at the #7th-mount-story-event channel on Discord

    * NA - 8 winners
    * EU - 8 winners

    Two Riders from each Server per Region will be selected.

    * Login to Icarus Discord Server
    * Locate the Paragas the Mad channel
    * Follow event channel format rules
    * Enter your IGN, Region, and Server
    * Enter your event entry image and story

    Judging Criteria
    * 50% Screenshot attractiveness and quality
    * 50% Storytelling quality

    Winner Prizes
    * 50 Ellun (pack)
    * 500 Gold


    Participants agree to terms and conditions of the contest and understand that once submitted the respective entry the participants relinquish all rights to the materials submitted, therefore, granting the sole and exclusive ownership of the property to VALOFE Global Ltd.

    It will take a 7 day period approximately to deliver all prizes to the event winners. All the submitted entries will be evaluated and approved by the Icarus Team.