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  • Shards of Creation Event

    Shards of Creation
    April 21 - May 06 2020

    A new event created by the developers to make your dungeon run worth it~
    The new event is set to Lavalight Light Dungeon. Check the rules and mechanics of the event below.
    • Players must defend the Shards of Creation from being destroyed.
    • Boss is summoned around 5-10 seconds after the Dungeon Boss is killed.
    • There will be a wave of monsters being summoned every 30 seconds, max 3 waves.
    • Players must interact with Corrupted Shard scattered in the dungeon.
    • Once all 3 Corrupted Shards are cleansed, players must kill event boss one last time to finish the event.
    • It is advised that the event must be done by at least 2 players.
    • Event Quests Are Daily Quests. You can only finish them once a day.
    • The Event Boss Tartarus keeps respawning and this is a known issue.

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Name:	NPC Angela.png
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    • You must find NPC Angela to get your quests. She is located at the Victory Plaza, Hakains Crossing.
    • Get all the quest in order to activate the Shards of Creation Event. If you did not get the quest, event will not go through.
    • The Event quests should be done in Legendary Lavalight Cave only.

    Quests in Lavalight Dungeon ONLY.

    [Legendary] Primal Assault
    • Objective:
      • Defeat Primal Obsidian Gargoyle 0/3
      • Defeat Primasl Fallen Enchantress 0/3
      • Defeat Primal Fallen Knight 0/3
    • Reward:
      • Fragment of Creation x1

    [Legendary] Shard of Creation
    • Objective:
      • Defend Shard of Creation
    • Reward:
      • Fragment of Creation x1

    [Legendary] Tartarus Ascends
    • Objective:
      • Defeat Primal Tartarus <General of the Army of Ruin> 0/3
    • Reward:
      • Fragment of Creation x2

    [Legendary][Party] Shards
    • Objective:
      • Defend the Shard of Creation
    • Reward:
      • Fragment of Creation x1

    Game Mechanics
    • Once you get all of the quests from NPC Angela. You may now party up with other players. The party should be consist of at least 2 people.
    • Once you gather your party you can now go ahead and run the Lavalight Dungeon.
    • Upon defeating the Dungeon Boss for Lavalight Cave, the Boss and the shards will appear.
      • One or more players should protect the shard of creation from Waves of Enemies.
      • One or more players should cleanse 3 Corrupted Shards that are scattered throughout the dungeon while the other members of the party are protecting the Shard of Creation.
      • After Cleansing all 3 corrupted shards, Defeat Primal Tartarus one last time.
    • After finishing all quests, go back to angela and received your rewards.

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    Angela NPC Shop
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