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Scarlet Harbor 9th Boss (Cractus)

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  • Scarlet Harbor 9th Boss (Cractus)

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    Scarlet Harbor 9th Boss
    Cractus, a name so sinister that even the strongest of riders fear him, It is nearly impossible to defeat him, Khapir serves only him and paved the way for his arrival, There are only a select few who can defeat. But one thing is for sure, every fight with Cractus will be bloody and all will know despair from the lord of the shadows, will you let him conquer midellas? Or will you stop him from devouring this world?

    Cractus Overview
    Cractus is the 9th boss of Scarlet Harbor, there are 3 stages of Cractus,
    Phantom, Unstable and Frenzied

    Phantom Cractus:
    The phantom will be the first you will face, Powerful but limited due to not having cractus in the vicinity,
    They can be found after the fight from Khapir and after defeating him the area will open and you will find an injured Crow inside the Mansion, remember that you have to talk to him so that you know that you have to find a portal repair kit in the second floor of the mansion. After that just repair the portal and be ready to face Cractus.

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    Cractus Fight Proper
    The Fight will be with him looking over a stone and you have to face the Reanimated Versions of the Previous bosses, after defeating the Reanimated bosses, Cractus will go unstable and you have to defeat him by then (Rewards will be limited in this form due to him not Going in a Frenzy)
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    Frenzied Cractus
    The Frenzied Cractus Form will come if the fight lasted long enough and if his health goes down a certain level, this is the fight you want to expect, because this form will give the best rewards, His attacks will be powerful than Yatuman’s and it is recommended you have a party of six to maximize the damage output given to him.

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    SH Loot update:
    The Loots of Scarlet harbor has been updated to make Running the Harbor Worthwhile, there will be limitations but we can assure you that the Loots will make you want to run the Scarlet Harbor every single Day

    Drop Loot sample. Take note that this is just a random loot after killing Cractus. We are only showing to provide and idea how many items you can loot.

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    Grace of the Devil - a material to craft refining stones.

    Enjoy Scarlet Harbor! Merry Ellandfel to Everyone~
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