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Greetings Riders!

November 11, 2022, to December 2, 2022
(Every Friday Only)

NA: 12:00 PM UTC
SEA: 2:00 PM UTC
EU: 3:00 PM UTC


1. Log in to the game ahead of the appointed time.

2. In game to mark the start of each round, the GM will announce this line “(3, 2, 1, The hunt is on!..)
Indicated in the announcement is the map where the GM is hiding.

3. The GM will be hiding idly around the said location.

4. The first player to
interact/Party with the GM must post this announcement
”GM (GM Name) Spotted!” with a mark on the GM.

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GM CarrotSH Spotted!

• The GM may give hints in the form of an announcement of a landmark she is near or a description of his/her location
• Riders may only win ONCE per day and only 10 Heroes will win per day.

–Mythical tempering stones 50% x1
-+7 Legendary seal stone Extractor x1
-Premium service (1 day) x 1
-Salant's mana fragment (5 pack) x1
-Tamago Sushi (14 Days) x 1
-Ellun (50 Pack) x1
-Shirai’s Coffee x 5
-Raven Mask (30 Days)

Bonus rewards:
Players who participate in the event wearing the featured Style: Treasure Hunter Outfit(Jungle, Desert, Sea) will get double rewards.

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Rewards will be sent to your Ellora box within 7 days.