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Nell's Lost Memories Event

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  • Nell's Lost Memories Event

    Memories has been shattered into fragments.
    If there is a chance to bring it all back, will you take that chance?

    There are memories that even time cannot erase.
    Time is gold, but memories are foremost!
    We introduce to you!

    Nell's Lost Memories Event!

    In this month of love, we introduce you our newly added fellows, NPCs and new rewards!

    All you need is love and to be struck by one of Cupid's arrows.

    To start off the event that we have prepared for you,
    Our NPCs are placed together in one location.
    Just find them in
    Kellwoods at Hakanas Highlands

    First NPC is NPC Aseop! Acquire all his quests to recover Nell's lost memories!

    Introducing our second NPC Nell! Help her retrieve all her lost memories!

    Exchange your Memory Pieces to our newly added NPC Jack, The Memory Collector!

    Acquire these Fellows by collecting Memory Pieces by completing the Daily Quests!

    Kumadori Agul Acquisition: Lavalight Cave
    Do you have enough charm to make the Kumadori Agul's Afterimage? There is a low chance that the Kumadori Agul Afterimage or Kumadori Agul Golden Afterimage will appear when you defeat the Emberstone Golem in every Dungeon Run.

    Note: After defeating the Emberstone Golem, a message will appear that the
    Afterimage will spawn at the Kumadori's Flower Area.

    Butter Muscat Acquisition: Divinity Shore
    Do you have the enough patience to reel in the Butter Muscat's Snack Carp?
    Best way to fish for this event is to use the Golden Fishing Rod and all the Talismans that has a Rare Drop Chance to make it easier for you to acquire the quest item.

    Note: You have a chance to obtain a Memory Piece for every Muscat Snack Carp or Muscat Special Snack Carp by Fishing in the Divinity Shore Fishery!

    NPC Shop

    This exchange item can be acquired by completing the repeatable quests from Jack, The Memory Collector and can be bought in the Cash Shop!

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