A Rider’s Comprehensive Guide to Midellas

Let’s start the year right with a new web-post series called “A Rider’s Comprehensive Guide to Midellas” that covers the basics new or even old rider should know when traversing Midellas! In this chapter, we’ll cover things as simple as selecting region and servers, character creation, movement, and basic skills that your newly created characters will be having at the start of your adventure.

Region and Server Selection

Once you find yourself in finally starting the game, you’ll be seeing prestigious gate of Hakain’s Crossing with buttons that say Start Game, Exit,Credits, and Trailers. These buttons have varying functions and the details below will explain them:
  • Start Game – Move to Region and Server Selection
  • Exit – Exits the game
  • Credits – Plays the credits reel
  • Trailers – Displays a handful of Riders of Icarus trailers

Now, obviously, you’ll want to click the Start Game button to actually start the game, right? Once you’re there, you’ll have the option to choose which region you’d want to play in. If you’re playing in either Europe or North America, you’d best choose your respective regions to avoid high latency, however, no one’s really stopping you from playing in both regions if you don’t mind the ping.

North America


Baellas Akaldus
Teleo Raken
Radan Koroshimo
Character Creation

You have now chosen your favored region and server, let’s move on to character creation! If you haven’t created a character yet, you’ll be prompted to create a new one before starting the game so go on and choose which class you prefer.

Classes to choose from:
Class Description

Berserkers wade into battle with little concern for their own lives, building rage with each blow they take to unleash devastating chains of attacks on anything within striking distance.

Guardians stand on the front lines, shielding themselves in righteous power to keep up the fight long after others have fallen. Their prowess in single combat is legendary.

Assassins are nimble warriors, soaring in to deliver a lethal chain of killing blows and aerial combos before disappearing to a safe distance.

Priests wield the power of the light to protect allies and smite their enemies. Advanced priests have even been known to manipulate the minds of evil creatures, bending them to their will.

Wizards control the very fabric of nature, conjuring the elements to unleash massive destruction over wide areas of the battlefield.

Rangers harness the power of chaos to rain death on their enemies. Armed with bow and vambrace, rangers are lethal opponents both at range and in melee combat.

The Trickster has a natural talent for summoning helpful grass, flowers, and dolls with her wand and teddy bear. Her charisma brings light and joy wherever she goes, but don't underestimate her. She's just as deadly as she is adorable.

Magicians harness the power of both chaos and light that devastates anyone that stands in the way. While Magicians have very small frame much like the Tricksters, they can cast unbelievably powerful magic while on the move making them unpredictable
Once you have chosen the character class you want, we’ll proceed on customizing the features of your character from head to toe. This is the exciting part of the game! You can make your character ugly, pretty, tall, short, and more. There are several custom-made character appearances that you can choose and there is an option to customize each part of the body of your character. After creating the appearance that you want for your character, let’s give it a unique name. Once done, we can now enter the game and see the beauty of Midellas.

Movement, User Interface and Basic Skills

Click that create button and you will be prompted to do the introduction of the game. We’ll learn here the basic skills, the flow of the story and more. But before that, let’s take note of this one, the Introduction for the Magician and Trickster are different from the other classes. You’ll notice that you will be prompted in the Prison introduction if you are using the Human Race class while the Shalin Race class, will start in Elloran temple for the introduction.

Basic Movements/Control Mode

This Control Mode can be manipulated by pressing “Insert Key”. This is where you change the mouse control for viewing, scrolling, and more.

There are 2 modes to choose in control mode. The Standard Mode and Action Mode.
  • Standard Mode, is a Classis MMORPG control mode. Choose a target with your cursor and trigger skills with your hotkeys. This mode is recommended for Wizard, Priest, Magician and Trickster Class.
  • Action Mode, is an Action-driven control mode. Aim your reticule at your target and use the mouse buttons to cast skills. Skills can also be triggered using hotkeys. This mode is recommended for Berserker, Assassin, Guardian and Ranger Class.

Getting in the introduction of the game, you will come across the tutorial of basic movements. We have WASD as the primary movement controls. W – move forward, A – move left side, S – move backward, D – move right side and F to interact with objects.

User Interface

The UI of the game is easy to access and it is friendly to users. Those UI can be move and set to your liking.

Let’s have the lower icons from left to right. We have the Premium Service icon, having premium service will give you:
  • +20% character and familiar EXP, +10% taming success rate, +100% Ellun quest rewards, -20% marketplace fees, and more monster gold drops!
  • Once per day, you will get up to 20 full health recovery potions and 20 full familiar energy recovery potions!
  • Complete refill your Taming points once per day!
  • Summon a storage master, market broker and mail anytime, anywhere!
  • A Transit Shrine Pass that lets you teleport to any discovered shrine for no fee!
  • An Auto-loot Emblem that lets your pet pick up loot for you!
  • A handy Premium Bag!

Take note: Premium Service has durations of 1 day, 5 days, 7 days, 10 days, 14 days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, and 180 days. The duration of premium service can be extended by consuming another durational premium service.

Calendar Icon

The calendar holds the Daily rewards, Special Rewards and Dice event.
  • Daily Login Rewards can be seen and acquired every day your login to the game. Rewards will change every month so make sure you collect all the rewards in the Daily login rewards tab before it changes.
  • Special Login Rewards, this tab can be seen and acquired if we have a special event. It is a 7-day login with a superb reward.
  • Dice Event Tab, this is a special tab for every event. Dice event is like a board game, you roll a dice and you will get the reward based on the box you landed on the game board.
Skill Bar Slot
  • Here in this section, you can see your basic skills equipped with a hot key. Skills are found when you press “K” key from your keyboard.
Mount Skill Bar Slot
  • In this section, you can see and equip your mount skills. Skills are found when you press “K” key from your keyboard and press the Mount Tab from the Skill window to see the skills.
  • There are some emotes that you can use and can be equipped in the skill bar slots.
Help Icon
  • Click this to see the help window. This will help you to know the basics of the game.
Ellora’s Shop
  • This Color blue diamond shape icon is the Ellora’s shop. Here, you can see all the items displayed and can be buy using Ellun. It is an in-game currency that can be easily acquired by doing the achievements and quest. We also have a premium currency NX Credit and NX Prepaid. The Ellora’s shop holds an exclusive item that cannot be found in every parts of the game like packages, lucky boxes, mount that are not tamable in game and more.
Ellora’s Storage
  • This is a special storage where you can receive the items that you have bought from the Ellora’s shop, you can also get your rewards that has been sent by the GM and/or the developers.
Achievement Icon
  • You can see here the list of achievements that you have already achieved and not.
Settings Icon
  • By clicking this icon, you will see all the settings you need and the bestiary and the rank for Ellora’s spire.
  • From upper left corner we have HP and MP Bar, level, Buffs, Channel, Summary of quest.