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Launcher Issue (Redirecting and Redownloading)

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  • Launcher Issue (Redirecting and Redownloading)

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    How to avoid re-downloading the game every time you run the launcher:

    1. Close Riders of Icarus (if open)
    2. Download the regedit file from the link:
    3. Right-Click on the regedit file
    4. Select Edit and edit the file via notepad
    5. On “Execute” edit the line to include your installation directory (where your game is installed
    6. On “InstallPath” edit the line to be same as “Execute” but only at appdata will be the last directory
    7. Save the regedit file
    8. Run the regedit file
    9. Allow it to make changes
    10. Play the game

    For Execute:

    “Execute”=”D:\\VALOFE Games\\icarus\\appdata\\Bin32\\launcher.exe” For Install Path:

    “InstallPath”=”D:\\VALOFE Games\\icarus\\appdata”
    Important notes:
    • Do not edit anything else aside from the "Execute" and "".
    • Do not forget to add \\launcher.exe in “Execute”
    • You only need to replace the line inside “” after the =
    • You only need to run the regedit file once.
    • Do take note that in your directory it will only have (one) \ please make it (two) \\ after copying it to the path
    • Your installation path may be seen if you open the launcher and let it verify/patch the file
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