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Gathering Information for 6XX Issues~

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  • Gathering Information for 6XX Issues~

    Greetings Riders,

    We're very sorry for the inconvenience the issues were causing, as we may know there's a reoccurring error which is the one that starts with 6xx usually an error that dictates missing/invalid file,
    We are gathering much information for this issue it will be best to have your screenshots for this.

    Click on the link below and give us a screenshot of the stated page:

    Step 1: Go to the link
    Step 2: Click "Start Now"
    Step 3: Wait for it to finish
    Step 4: Take a screenshot
    Step 5: Send a Ticket with the screenshot and the following details: VALOFE ID, VFUN email, Nexon email, Steam email (if applicable), Character name and lastly Server

    Q: Is the link safe?
    A: Yes! We guarantee it

    Q: Why do we need to do this?
    A: Its added information for our developers for them to have a faster investigation regarding the issues

    Q: Do I need to do this even if my VFUN launcher works fine?
    A: You may if you wish to, but this is more directed on the ones having the 6xx issue/error

    You may also contact the GMs/CM in discord (Please do add them first for them to be able to reply):
    • GM Phoebe#0803
    • ZeroTwo#0761
    • Isongaming#7708
    For more info dont hesitate to contact our support site here: