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  • test

    Next time you would like to disable the plugin/hook system again
    you simply have to remove those two " / ".

    If you are able to access your AdminCP go to

    AdminCP -> vBulletin Options -> vBulletin Options -> Plugin/Hook System

    And set it to No to disable.

    Moderator Edit-

    It is also important to note if you are using Windows operating system do not use the built in Windows Notepad to edit php files. This can add hidden characters that can break your site. Google for Notepad2 or Notepad++ (both free) or another code editor and use that to edit your php files.

    If you already used Notepad and broke your site get a fresh copy of from your original download package and copy over the important information manually and use the fresh config.php file.
    Last edited by Joe D.; Tue 12th May '15, 2:25am. Reason: added warning about notepad