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Rabbini's Festival Event!

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  • Rabbini's Festival Event!

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    Hello Riders! Ready for another a new egg event?
    Gotta go find some eggs in the area!

    Since it's still the season for the Easter Event, we introduce you to our new NPC that will give you quest for this event!

    NPC Hyori

    Meet NPC Hyori! Our moonlight Rabbini located just above the Elgren Farm.

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    NPC Hyori Quests

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    NPC Hyori Store

    Go and check out Hyori's Store when you receive rewards from completing the Daily and Sub Quests!

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    This event will go on from April 21, 2022 until May 19, 2022 so be sure to complete all quests and get all that rewards!
    We wish you a good luck for this event everyone!