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Hello Riders,

We will be performing Scheduled Maintenance on Thursday, June 09, 2022. We anticipate the maintenance to last approximately 4 hours. Please note that the estimated length of time for each maintenance is subject to change without notification.


1:00 UTC - 5:00 UTC
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM Taiwan time
8:AM -12PM Thailand Time / Indonesia Time

What will be unavailable:
All Riders of Icarus SEA Game Servers (Ellora and Hakanas)

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Changes and Updates:
  • Update Cash Shop
Returning Items for you to buy again!
  • Update Release for June 09, 2022
  1. June Daily Login
  2. June Special Login (June 09 - 17, 2022)

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Note: Day 2 in Special Login has been disabled for now. But we will give out a special compensation next maintenance! Stay Tuned!
  1. June Giveaway Event ( June 09 - 23, 2022)
  2. June Reward Writ Merchant
  • General Updates
NPC Hyori will be removed from the game. But the Buff Table will remain.
NPC Raddi's Quest to be removed.
New NPC Gino
Spice Rabbini spawns outside Hakain's Crossing to be removed.
Ellora's Trials to be announce soon!
  • Events
Hungry Melody (Quest will run for the whole month of June)

NOTE: For the players who are waiting for the Guild Emblem Contest results, please give us more time to check the entries.
As you know the ICA-GLOBAL will be having their NFT release next week (click HERE for details). So the team was focused on that update.
We will update you all again with the results. Thank you very much!