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2.28.19 Patch Notes

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  • 2.28.19 Patch Notes

    [Patch Note]

    -New Update-

    Immortal Descent Update

    • You can upgrade your Mythic Hero to Immortal grade through Immortal Descent. For your hero to be upgraded to immortal, your main hero should be:

    1. Mythic EX+5
    2. Mythic skill and Active skill are fully upgraded.
    3. Have a Max level
    4. Natural Mythic Hero (Hero with Gold frame. You can see them on Hero Info)


    • You need also a same hero (regardless of his rank [A/S/SS/EX]) as a material for immortal descent.
    Upgraded Immortal hero can be transcend using the same mythic hero.


    • Zodiac upgrade cost Decreased

    Zodiac upgrade cost decreased by 10%
    Date of Availability: 02/28- Before Maintenance

    • Mythic skill training Event

    The cost of dragon heart reduced by 30%
    Date of Availability: 02/28- Before Maintenance

    • Double the Exp for Demigod and Immortal

    Double the exp obtained from hero fusion
    Date of Availability: 02/28- Before Maintenance

    •Event Attendance

    Date of Availability: 03/01- 03/07

    • Charge Event
    Date of Availability: 03/01- 03/07

    Other Events:

    • Transcendence rate up - [02/28- Before Maintenance]
    • Transcendence cost reduced (Demigod not included)- [02/28- Before Maintenance]
    • Immortal Descent cost reduced event- [02/28- Before Maintenance]

    - Immortal descent cost reduced by 30%

    • Double the rate of summon mythic hero - [02/28- Before Maintenance]

    -Available on Shop-

    1. Voucher sales in limit time - [03/08 -03/12]

    2. Regular Package reset

    For more details please refer on our official Facebook page:
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