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  • Link Steam account to Valofe account

    Hi all - nice to meet you!

    I am new here, started to play the game via steam but I have realised a few days ago that I am not able to buy G coins because that account is not linked to the VFUN account. When I have created a VFUN account with the same name as the steam one, I didn't see any accounts and is frustrating because I had a lvl 72 character.

    Please guide me to solve it.


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    Same thing here, I started properly playing not long ago and just few days ago realised that there is migration going on and I already did grind my Black Phantom to lvl 85 and 1 Rebirth. When I log in Webzen account it shows my old characters when the game just came out and was just trying them out but i cant see any of the new ones. This account is my main now but I can't get migration done so I am wondering is my account already on Valofe since I play through the Steam not web browser. I hope we find the answers because that would be shame if those characters disappear. I would quit the game.