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Temporary solution for web launcher

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  • Temporary solution for web launcher

    If you're trying to run the game thru the web launcher, know it won't run on firefox version 64 and newer, nor in any recent version of Chrome or Edge. Modern browsers have changed how they allow custom protocol handlers, which the launcher uses, thus causing its malfunction. For those interested in the change, search bug #680300 in mozilla's bugtrack.

    The solution is to use IE (not Edge) which can still allow the valofe.mul.launcher:: handler used by the launcher. You can also install firefox 63 separately if you want to use firefox nevertheless.

    Hope the dev team can find a fix for this soon.

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    we don’t understand you, fix the game client so that the launch would be from the icon, since when you start it stupidly throws it to the site and that's it


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      For me it didn't work, I'm trying to play this game for months and had the same problem everytime. Idk why they changed to weblauncher but it's completely s***