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  • Beginner Characters Introduction

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    Welcome to MU Legend. For those who do not know, MU Legend is a MMORPG game and the official follow up to MU Online series. MU Legend has PvP and PvE elements and can is suited for players who prefer to play solo or in a party. In this guide, we will assist you in getting familiar with the game.


    Currently, there are 6 available classes to choose from in the game. We will give a brief description on what each class does.

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    Blader – The Blader is your dedicated frontline DPS that can dish out huge amounts of damage in melee range due to its combination of various charge skills and crowd control skills. The Blader can occasionally tank up damage from enemies.

    Dark Lord – The Dark Lord is your High HP and High Defense class. It is adept at absorbing damage and can take a lot of punishment. However, can take over the role of a damage dealer as it can also utilize a variety of area skills.

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    Spellbinder – The Spellbinder is the one in charge when it comes to weakening their enemies to deal damage or is also utilized to strengthen teammates in battle.
    War Mage – The War Mage is specialized in dealing massive area damage or can also be a fast and agile attacker that can deal damage in melee range.

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    Whisperer - The Whisperer is a powerful ranged attacker capable of dealing huge amount of damage and controlling enemies from afar.

    Black Phantom - The Black Phantom is the new kid in the block, this class can inflict area damage to enemy while utilizing debuffs to enemy units to increase its own damage output. Alternatively, use the debuffs to reduce the damage being dealt by the enemy.