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Crystal Rock Altar: Dungeon Guide

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  • Crystal Rock Altar: Dungeon Guide

    Crystal Rock Altar
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    A once sacred area respected by all, now a grave containing the remains of an ancient guardian dragon, Epiaros.

    Crystal Rock Altar: One of the Drakan’s sanctuaries at Luiziane falls The latest and special dungeon that players who reached Level 83 and above can enter from the Luiziane falls. The dungeon has no time limit so all you need to do is to Kill all the dark forces of Drakan and Kill Epiaros.

    This is not the place for you to run around, that's why the monsters will try to stop you but remember, You can't finish this dungeon alone so you need your friends to form a party. It's recommended for all of you to work with your wings, stats, imprints, soulstones, pet, skills, transcendent stones and many more that will help you to increase your CP to be able to finish this dungeon.

    Kill all the monsters for a chance to get Level 85 Weapon or Level 85 Set Item, Crafting materials and essential items including Scale stained magic power, Shattered dream, Token of the approved, Purified crystal, Purified nuk, Perseverance Token, Awakened Sage Stone, Dracansor: Spirit, Condensed jewel of blessing, and Guild materials. All of these materials and items will help you with crafting accessories, improving your guild shrines and many more.

    Boss: Epiaros

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    Epiaros, the guardian dragon who has been asleep at the crystal rock altar, has awakened. But something has gone wrong, as he has gone berserk, and is threatening the area of the crystal rock altar and Luiziane falls.

    Epiaros volunteered to become the guardian dragon with only one thing in his mind, to protect the altar. He turned away all the trespassers with a wrongful mind, and thanks to him, we could safely keep the only place where we can listen to Vulcan’s words.

    Order 1 : Killing Elite Monsters

    With the help of your friends, Kill all the monsters and the Giant Crystal Golem, Furious Black Spirit and Ancient G
    uard Golem along the way to open the gateway in the course of Epiaros.

    Order 2: Defeat the Final Boss: Epiaros

    After killing all the elite monsters go to the Valley of Guardian Dragon to Kill Epiaros
    Note: There will be no damage taken when Epiaros is out of the barrier area.