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PVP Content and Classes - We need a balance patch ASAP

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  • PVP Content and Classes - We need a balance patch ASAP

    we need a PvP balance patch for most of the classes in the game.
    Black Phantom is too overpowered, you have everything on that class (AOE Burst, Whisperer Invisible, Max Range Stuns, Immunity, Reset...etc)
    Is that a good thing ? Is there any variety left in the game at this point ?

    1. Can we have caps when it comes to: Humanoid Attack %, Humanoid Damage Reduction and All Damage Reduction in PvP Maps ?
    2. Can we limit the amount of usable potions ? Make it so only the standard craftable potions can be used, not all the broken regeneration potions.
    3. Can we get the 10v10 map from the Beta that was showcased almost 4 years ago ? I played the Beta but I never saw that map again.

    My thoughs on the BP class at the moment:
    .. remove the ability to cast spells while invisible
    .. increase the Cooldown on the Reset skill
    .. lower the shield to 3 hits

    War Mage:
    .. decrease Ruffian Sword AOE by a 15-20%, the entire skills covers most of the GvG points and beyond
    .. Increase the cooldown of Ruffian Sword

    .. decrease iron armor cooldown
    .. increase redemption duration by 1 second
    .. lower the range and damage of Raging Shout since you can literally one skill people from outside the screen