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  • MU Legend Expedition Note

    Event period: After maintenance on 7 Jul 2020 – before maintenance on 30 Sept 2020

    Clear expedition tasks to earn rewards, that can be used to obtain and upgrade a new Unique Talisman, Wedding Dressed Linda!

    All players Lv. 80 or higher may participate.

    Basic event information:

    1) Wedding dressed Linda talisman has been added to the game! Complete the event tasks and buy fragments with gold to be able to acquire it. This is a unique talisman, which does not have a Talisman skill, but will provide additional stats to your character when you upgrade it.

    2) By doing the event tasks, you may acquire some of the Wedding Dressed Linda fragments. You may tap the ‘Book’ icon on the top right part of the game screen for more information about the event task.

    3) You can also buy Wedding Dressed Linda fragments per week from the Cute Envoy Merchant on Ohrdor. These fragments are exchanged for more Wedding Dressed talisman, which you can use for upgrade. You can exchange the fragments from the craftsman at Ohrdor. Only five fragments can be purchased per week.

    4) You can also use a Unique, Universal talisman fragment, plus other elemental talisman fragments to craft Wedding Dressed Linda talisman. These Universal fragments may drop from places where other elemental talisman drops as well. Check from Craftsman on Ohrdor, then under Talisman Recovery > Fragments.

    5) Materials used for Awakening Wedding Dressed Linda talisman can be acquired through purchasing on different NPCs on Ohrdor.

    We hope to see participate in the event to gain this blooming beauty, and strengthen your character, too! See you on the continent, Legends!