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Q&A With the Developers - June 26, 2020

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  • Q&A With the Developers - June 26, 2020

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    Greetings, Legends!

    Our player community have asked us questions about the game current state, and our developers answer them. Here are some of the questions that were answered:

    Q: Will the talisman book transfer limit be updated or changed? At least make it (the restriction) reset every 2 months or something.
    -We have modified it so it doesn't limit the number of times.

    Q: When will we have an event in the game again? Will (Global) get the same events from MU Korea and Japan?
    -We're working on a separate event feature that allows players to play several different events each month.

    Q: When will we have new mounts and costumes? And new unique weapons and armor.
    -There are new content already in development, this is after a major update, possibly in August.

    Q: When will we have new maps and story quests? Where is Lorencia, Alhard and other maps?
    -A new dungeon system will be available soon.

    Q: Is it possible we can merge the servers? There are not enough people and that discourages newer players, and try to make the gap between old players and new smaller.
    -Due to regional network issues, the server cannot be consolidated, but we will allow more new players to join after the subsequent content updates.

    Q: When will you bring back the weekly sales and at least monthly events (Especially the increase % enchant event)?
    -New enchant feature are coming soon, please look forward to it.

    Q: When will you change the rewards for leveling up Achievement? They are obsolete rewards to today.
    -We intend to change the experience of upgrading and leveling, so this part will be remade in the future.

    Q: When will you implement the bound redzen drop as on the korean server?
    -We're going to make some unique bosses in the big map refresh that drop bound Redzen

    Q. Are you going to bring back ancient pets in the store? Please bring the old Event Pets back to Legend Shop
    -We're going to change the whole way pets are played. It won't be open for a while, and the pets you already have are still valuable.

    Q. Why has there been literally NO interaction and/or work done to the game for a few months? Is it due to covid19?
    -Covid-19 does have a big impact on us. Many employees have difficulty in working, but the features that we're going to bring online are all in development.

    Q: Can we please fix leveling from 80 to 85, it needs more XP. You finish Quest with level 83 and must run the old green daily quest for 4 days to reach 85.
    -We will change the way we level-up.

    Q: When will you Improve rewards for PVP?
    -An update possibly in July, it will start to change gradually.

    Note: Any timeframe given on future content are tentative and may change without prior notice. (We suggest to keep an eye for future official announcements.)
    The developers will to like to continue to answers questions again in the future. We're looking forward to hearing your feedback.

    MU Legend Team