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Steam Top-up Issue Alternative Fix

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  • Steam Top-up Issue Alternative Fix

    Greetings, Legends!

    We would like to inform everyone that the team is aware of the Steam Top-up issue where the top-up page is not working or cannot be close.

    "Not clickable/Not working/Cannot be close"

    If you are having the same issue and want to top-up through steam, we would like to offer an alternative solution while we're working on a fix.

    Step 1: Close the Steam.
    To ensure, Close entirely the Steam running in the background through the taskbar.
    Right-click steam icon > Click "Exit"

    Step 2: Run the Steam as administrator
    Right-click steam icon > Click "Run as Administrator"

    Step 3: Launch the game and you can now safely top-up using steam.

    Our team and Steam are working on fixing the issue.

    You can join the official Discord channel and discuss with the moderators about the game. (

    We thank you for your never-ending support for MU Legend, see you all inside the game!

    Best Regards,
    MU Legend Global Team