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FIND THE GM: Hide & Seek Event Winners. Enjoy

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  • FIND THE GM: Hide & Seek Event Winners. Enjoy

    Greetings Legends,

    Here are your winners for the recently concluded FIND THE GM: Hide & Seek Event on October 1, 2021

    Thank you and congratulation to all winners and players who join the event.

    Sezak Server:
    Round 1- LeoBlues
    Round 2- VanHelsing
    Round 3- Alau
    Round 4- Tadashovsky
    Round 5- LordGonzacL
    Bonus Round- donatelo1

    Ohrdor Server:
    Round 1- Xoayvongvong
    Round 2- C_h_e_v_z
    Round 3- Igata
    Round 4- Kimoono
    Round 5- xxDWVNxx
    Bonus Round- XilipDen

    Zephiros Server:
    Round 1- Mag
    Round 2- FLiK
    Round 3- NyssaAlGhul
    Round 4- Agunia
    Round 5- Tricksi
    Bonus Round-Tirgotajs

    Again, Congratulations!!! We appreciate you for your never-ending support for MU Legend, see you all inside the game!

    Best Regards,
    MU Legend Valofe Team
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