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  • Development briefing Notice #2

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    This is Black Squad development team.

    In this 2nd Development Briefing, we would like to talk to you about future plans with explanation of item grade that has been changed a lot on last patch.

    About Item Grade
    Item grade is classified as below and this method will be applied to items that will be added in the future too.

    1. Classified according to type, option value, effect, etc.
    2. In the case of weapons, the higher the grade, the better the option and appearance.
    3. In the case of characters, the higher the grade, the better options and more character tuning types.

    The grade will be linked to the item combination system that will be developed in the future, and there is room for change, but it is under development as follows.

    1. Combining a number of lower-grade items to obtain higher-grade items probabilistically
    2. The necessary currency is 'EX Copper'. Higher grade and probability increase the consumption.

    Future plan
    We are currently developing a new mode based on the spring season patch in March. The concept of the new mode is a fight between Crazy Juggernaut and normal users. It is PVP, but we intended to make like Boss Match. We are working hard to develop it to provide new fun, so please look forward to it.

    The development team is always listening to users’ opinions, and we will do our best to make better games.
    Thank you.
    Black Squad Operation Team