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    Bless Unleashed

    Bless Unleashed is a free-to-play, open-world MMORPG that gives players the opportunity to explore and create their own journey. First released on XBOX, the MMORPG is scheduled to be available on PC in the summer of 2021.

    In Bless Unleashed, you may explore a massive and lively world with friends or forge a unique path by embarking on an epic solo journey.
    Players will have full control over how they want to play the game. Every decision made will have an immense impact on your overall development, providing a sense of freedom never before experienced in any MMORPG.

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    Rich Storyline
    Caught in a mysterious dream, you learn about the chaos and destruction the world will soon face. Lumenas will be revived, and will bring forth decay and famine— an inevitable war, where countless lives will perish. Once awakened, you will embark on a grand adventure to collect the Fragments of the Gods before Lumenas breaks her seal.

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    Exciting Combat Mechanics
    Fight along your friends and allies to take down colossal monsters! Mow down enemies with an axe, butcher them with swords, penetrate their thick skin with a bow and arrow, or simply burn them to a crisp with magic. Unleash a powerful combo, and annihilate your enemy using combat blessings.

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    Open World Content
    Your journey unfolds in the phenomenal world of Lumios where you will encounter a lush, and thriving environment.
    Take heed as you uncover mysteries while facing massive monsters along the way. Call your friends to arms and march towards your destiny.

    Epic Monsters Awaits You

    Be one of the courageous adventurers who are fearless in front of a formidable foe, and muster the strength to defeat your enemies.
    Don’t fall back and use your blessings to the fullest of your capabilities.

    Remember, no rival is greater than those who have the will to endure and succeed.

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    Are you brave enough to conquer your destiny?

    Reach out to your calling now and forge your way to victory!

    Immerse yourself into the fantastic world of Bless Unleashed for an unrivaled gaming experience.

    Updated on October 30th, 2020

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    There was once a clash between the Daimon, who were born from the chaos of the world's creation, and Physera, the God of order. Eventually the Daimon were banished to another dimension, but Physera fell asleep and many of the Gods under his command died. As a result, the bodies of the Gods who fell during the Age of Twilight permeated through the ground as Prana.

    Although the Gods could no longer be found in the world, numerous races continued to flourish and decline. The appearance of an empire that utilized advanced magic was followed by mortal men who challenged the state of God in the Empire's shadows. For these mortals, nothing was off limits in their quest to obtain the power of God, even the forbidden Prana and the Gods' remains.

    However, their endeavor lead to the return of the once banished Daimons from the dimensions. Rushing in through the dimensional gate, they wiped out the entire Empire without leaving a trace. This disaster would later be called the Nightspire.

    Just before the world was destroyed, the remaining heroes of the Old Empire work for three days and nights to build the Nightspire. The Nightspire sealed the Dimensional Gate, and a total solar eclipse lasted for an entire week.

    It is all but history now. Enough time has passed for the mortal men of the earth to forget even the Old Empire's name, and the ruins of the Old Empire are also disappearing.

    But history repeats itself, and once again, someone is seeking Prana.

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    VFUN C9 Operation Team


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      There are 5 classes in Bless Unleashed PC.
      The axe wielding Berserker, sword and shield brandishing crusader, sharpshooting ranger, spell casting mage, and healing and support focused priest.

      - CRUSADER
      - MAGE
      - PRIEST
      - RANGER

      Berserkers are gentle giants who are brutal and savage in front of their enemies. Fearless warriors capable of wreaking havoc on the battlefield, Berserkers employ attacks that affect a wide area to help defeat multiple enemies with ease. Armed with a massive two-handed weapon and lust for carnage, Berserkers tend to rush headlong towards the enemy with little concern for their well-being.

      In the past, the Vargs rushed to the Nightspire in anger to expel chaos. Some records say that while fighting with the beings of chaos on the battlefield, the furious Vargs also wiped out many humans. After the Breaking, the Vargs mastered the way to deal with their anger, and are no longer a hindrance on the battlefield.

      Today, the Varg Berserkers travel around the world as warriors and watchdogs, protecting their home from other foolish races.

      ▲ Berserker Combat Scene

      ⊙ Style: MELEE
      ⊙ Primary Weapon: AXE
      ⊙ Race: VARG

      Crusaders are the unrivaled champions of the battlefield. Armed with a sword and shield, they have proved themselves to be the main force in combat through countless fights. The source of their strength lies in the balance between their attack power and defense, making them advantageous in long battles.

      The army of the Old Empire was more powerful than ever with each city united. The weapons and combat styles of the past are now the basis of the crusader's tactics today.

      ▲ Crusader Combat Scene

      ⊙ Style: MELEE
      ⊙ Primary Weapon: SWORD
      ⊙ Race: HUMAN and IPPIN

      With their mysterious ability, mages are able to inflict massive damage to their enemies. Their arcane and elemental magic causes even the earth to tremble as enemies fall one by one at their feet. Sometimes even the mages themselves fear their own mystical and infinite power because this was the magic first used by the ancient race of the elves.

      The elves were able to study and perfect their magic over the centuries because back then, they were still immortal. Eventually, some of them taught the humans the secret of magic. This secret was kept by all the early magic wielding humans who marked the beginning of human mages.

      ▲ Mage Combat Scene

      ⊙ Style: RANGED
      ⊙ Primary Weapon: STAFF
      ⊙ Races: HUMAN and ELF

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      Priests are the best when it comes to protecting and supporting their allies. Their sacred power was granted in return for serving the gods, and they employ both anger and mercy in order to claim victory in battle. In the past, priests simply worshipped the gods and guided people according to their faith. However this all changed with the "Nightspire." Priests now roam the land, bringing judgement to those who harm the people of Lumios.

      ▲ Priest Combat Scene

      ⊙ Style: RANGED
      ⊙ Primary Weapon: STAFF
      ⊙ Race: HUMAN and IPPIN

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      Rangers use the bow and arrow to dominate the battlefield while maintaining distance from their enemies. During the days of the Old Empire, rangers traversed the continent as scouts and spies, obtaining information used to advise the Empire's leaders or secretly join battles. Their deadly bow, arrows and assortment of traps and snares effectively keep opponents at bay until the battle is won.

      ▲ Ranger Battle Scene

      ⊙ Style: RANGED
      ⊙ Primary Weapon: LONGBOW
      ⊙ Race: ELF
      VFUN C9 Operation Team


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        There are four races in Bless Unleashed PC, Human, Elf, Varg and Ippin.

        Each race is unique, and you have the freedom to choose the one you want to represent your character.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	races1.png Views:	0 Size:	222.0 KB ID:	34764

        Humans have proven themselves both stubborn and resourceful since ancient times. Humans are a highly social race and their true strength comes when they band together to forge kingdoms and armies.

        Humans appeared later than the Vargs and the Elves.
        Beside the Ippin, who came from outside, Humans are the race with the shortest history on the land, yet they have already surpassed both the Vargs and the Elves in maintaining the lead in the continent. Through the Dark Age, Humans were inferior to all other races, constantly being invaded by the Gnolls and the Orcs. They were both ordered and chaotic, and yet better at uniting together than any other race.

        It did not take too long for Humans to increase their number and establish a nation.
        In order to fight off the Gnolls and the Orcs, all those little tribes united together. Since then, their size has grown to become a single large group. During that period, some great human heroes were born and various political systems were created, died out or changed. Unlike the Elves with their immortality, who did not change their way of life, and the Vargs, who resisted everything from outside, Humans established the system of state and absorbed everything around them, while their numbers grew dramatically.

        Finally, Humans built the Old Empire and held supremacy in the continent with the help of the Ancient Elves and their knowledge of magic. The Gnolls and the Orcs were driven out of Human territory. A network of roads, waterways and trading hubs were established by Humans, and other races began to use their network of trade routes, assimilating into Human society.

        When Humans built bridges and roads, the Elves and the Vargs walked them as well.

        However, as Human society quickly grew, harmful consequences followed.
        Humans who learned Elven magic were soon greedy to surpass it, and this resulted in the Nightspire disaster, which destroyed the continent. As they tried to open the gate to another dimension, the Human's also changed the fate of the Elves and the Vargs.
        The Elves no longer taught magic to Humans, and the Vargs lost their own world.

        And even the fate of the gods, who occasionally involved themselves in the world, were changed.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	races2.png Views:	0 Size:	191.5 KB ID:	34766

        The wolf-like Varg are undisputed masters of the forest, having earned a reputation for being tough and agile hunters. The Varg are peaceful creatures that revere nature's blessings, but can quickly turn into ferocious beasts when threatened.

        Vargs are the second oldest race after the Ancient Elves.
        Their characteristics are superior physical abilities, fearless minds and intense fighting spirits.
        For a long time, Vargs lived in their own society, disconnected from the rest of the world, avoiding interaction with other races. Even when the fight between gods started, Vargs did not side with anyone and continued their lives in seclusion.

        The reason why Vargs appeared in history was due to the disaster caused by the Nightspire.
        The disaster started when the dimensional gate opened and caused significant damage to Varg society. That was the first time the world realized how powerful Vargs are and what great warriors they make.
        It is a well-known fact that Berserkers are originated from Vargs. Despite their terrifying appearance, Vargs are meek and mild by nature. However, when a fight breaks out, they become fearless warriors known as Berserkers.

        When Vargs first appeared in the world, they were constantly misunderstood and seen as a threat to others because of their unique appearance. However, since they were good-hearted, it was not long until they gained the trust of the people.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	races3.png Views:	0 Size:	165.0 KB ID:	34765

        Elves once thrived on Lumios, living in splendor as near-immortals under the shade of their great tree, Lily'anthes. After the tree was burned, the newly-mortal Elves scattered across the world. Despite their lost heritage, they are proud descendants of the age of magic, and are recognized for their grace and intelligence.

        Elves are the oldest race among all the existing races.

        The Ancient Elves lived in a time when the giants still existed in tribes. They enjoyed their immortality. However, their number were small and they were way too mild to rule the world. Their most violent task was to fight and drive out the giants who sometimes tried to invade their territory.

        World Tree Lily'anthes, who created the Ancient Elves, suffered significant damage and the Ancient Elves lost the protection of World Tree, as well as their immortality. From then on, the Elves had to accept death as a part of their lives, just like all other creatures of the world. Ironically, the population of the Elves sharply increased after they lost their immortality, and they dispersed all across the continent.

        After reaching different places, the Elves started their own factions while adapting to their environment. The ones who settled in the desert area created a tribe called the Desert Elves and the ones who settled near the ocean or in the swamp became the Aqua Elves. Just as humans did, Elves quickly adapted to their environment and created groups.

        Some of them joined the Old Empire created by humans and spread their knowledge of magic among the people they coexisted with. Unfortunately, their good intentions brought misfortune on them. Some people were discouraged by the Elves superior knowledge of magic and started studying the prohibited magic in order to surpass the Elves. But this led to the great disaster, the Nightspire, which eventually brought the Empire to ruin.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	races4.png Views:	0 Size:	197.6 KB ID:	34767

        These diminutive outsiders migrated from lands unknown seeking a fresh start on the continent. Inventive and forever curious, the Ippin possess technology ahead of their time.

        The Ippin are the only race from beyond our world.
        At some point in the past, they appeared in an airship. After crash-landing, it appears they deleted all their records. It is believed they did this to protect their home, since they place a priority on secrecy. Now, even the Ippin themselves do not know anything about their home.
        The Ippin appeared at a time when Humans were still fighting among themselves and causing great chaos in the world. So, no one cared about this foreign race and they quickly adapted themselves into society.

        The Ippin were good with numbers and had access to technology that did not exist in the continent, including the airship. Many of the technologies that are common now came from the Ippin, and not many people know that things like the establishment of trade routes, the compass, and astrolabs originated from them. Steam engine technology was also developed by the Ippin, but it didn't become popular because the Ippin insisted on using it exclusively.

        Now the Ippin dominate the continent with their economic power rather than their technology. Humans gain power by creating nations and fighting wars. The Elves gain power with their magic. Vargs gain power with their physical superiority. And the Ippin gain power with their money. Borrowing money from the Ippin and paying it back with loot and rewards has become common practice these days.
        VFUN C9 Operation Team