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C9 Bot Killer: Locked Accounts

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  • C9 Bot Killer: Locked Accounts

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    Hi C9 Actionist,

    We received complaints about the bot killer system that has been activated in the game after migration. Please note that our team is currently checking this system functionality of the game. For now, kindly note the following about the Bot killer:

    ↘️Bot Killer will appear moments after you entered certain Dungeons.

    ↘️It will require players to correct the Letter's position and align it on the arrow located above the Bot killer interface.

    ↘️Players will have three chances to correct the Letters prompted. If player failed to correct the letters on the Bot killer in the given time, they will be disconnected in the game.

    ↘️After disconnection, player can still login in the game. However; the bot killer will still appear in which players need to answer correctly.

    ❌Note that players will be banned once they got disconnected three times due to wrong answer on the bot killer.

    Got banned due to bot killer? Please answer this form for us to check your account:

    Thank you~​​
    VFUN C9 Operation Team