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  • Pet System

    Pet System

    1. Pet Interface

    1.1 Pet Interface Change
    1.2 Pet Interface (reserved content)
    1.2.1 Pet Slots Display
    1.2.2 Combined Pet Button
    1.2.3 Pet Avatar Display
    1.2.4 Pet Feeding Slots
    1.3 New-added on Pet Interface
    1.3.1 Pet Explore Button
    1.3.2 Pet Stats Button ( Pet Stats Interface include: Pet Equipment, Pet Stats )
    1.3.3 Pet Explore Points Slots Display

    2. Pet Evolution Interface

    2.1 Pet Evolution Interface(same as before)
    2.2 Pet Evolution Rules
    2.2.1 Pet Cap Evolution Level will be increased from Tier 2 to 3.
    2.2.2 Pet Evolution Mode is【 Pet +Promotion Material】
    2.3 How to obtain Pet Evolution Material?
    2.3.1 Method: In-Mall payment(Mall package)

    3. Pet Explore Points Gameplay【New features】

    3.1 Explore Points Gameplay introduction
    3.1.1 On the Pet Info Interface, “Explore ”button could be clicked to open Pet Explore Interface, at which bottom, there will has a progress bar to display the total Explore Points. And When Explore Points bar reaches full, the player cannot obtain the Explore Points 。
    3.2 How to obtain Explore Points
    3.2.1 Obtain through clearing the dungeon When settlement at the clearing dungeon, there will be display the gained Explore Points according to current dungeon’s difficulty at the bottom of the interface. Dungeon Explore Points gains will depend on the dungeon’s difficulty.

    Click image for larger version

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    3.2.2. Obtain through using items After using related (to Explore Points) items, you could obtain a certain amount of Explore Points.
    3.3 Pet Explore Game play Introduction
    3.3.1 When clearing dungeon or using related (to Explore Points) items to obtain Explore Points, you could place your owned pet in to the Explore squad to detach it for exploration at the Pet Explore Interface. After Exploration (a certain time), you could claim rewards at the Explore Interface.
    3.3.2 Required Pet Exploration time and the rewarded Explore Points will depend on the Pet’s Level(Tier) If the Pet’s tier is higher, the required Exploration time will be shorter, while the consumed Explore Points will be more.
    3.4 Pet Explore Game play Rules
    3.4.1 When Pet Explore is not enabled, Pets in the Explore list can be removed and placed in the Pet list without any restrictions
    When Pet Explore/Or after the exploration, before claiming the rewards, the Pet in the Explore list cannot be removed at this time. The Pet can be removed only after the Explore is completed and the reward is claimed.

    Click image for larger version

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    4. Pet Stats 【New features】

    4.1 Pet Stats Basic Rules
    4.1.1 Pet Stats include: Basic Stats, Basic Ability, Pet Stats Conversion Rate Basic Stats: Strength, Physical Strength, Wisdom, Intelligence Basic Ability: Physical Attack, Magic Attack, Physical Defense, Magic Defense Pet Stats Conversion Rate: Born Stats Conversion Rate, Basic Stats Conversion Rate, Basic Ability Conversion Rate
    4.2 Pet Stats Conversion Rules
    4.2.1 Pet Stats: Turn the Pet Stats and Pet Equipment Stats to the character’s Stats with a conversation rate Stats of Pet Stats and Pet Equipment will only take effect when summoned Pet + equipped Pet Equipment
    4.2.2 Pet Stats Conversion formula Pet Stats Conversion formula: ( Pet Born Stats + Pet Equipment Stats )*(Born Stats Conversion Rate [Pet] +Stats Conversion Rate [Equipment])

    5. Pet Equipment 【New features】

    5.1 Pet Equipment Basic Introduction
    5.1.1 Pet Equipment components include: Weapon *1, Token*1, Armor*4, Jewelry*4 Weapon: Pet Weapon Converter: Pet Token Armor: Pet Bandana, Pet chest piece, Pet Waist, Pet asset Jewelry: Pet collar, Pet Pendant, Pet tail decoration, Pet Orb
    5.2 Pet Equipment Basic Info
    5.2.1 Pet Equipment mainly include: Basic Stats, fixed Stats , random Stats, and the Stats Conversion Rate parameter can only take effect after using Pet Token. Using other Pet Equipment cannot grant this attribute.

    Click image for larger version

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