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Karas Costume Redesign Fan Art Event

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  • Karas Costume Redesign Fan Art Event

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    Greetings C9 Actionist!
    In line with the Celebration of the Karas Spring Festival, we will also make use of this event to juice your creative minds in designing your own take on the Karas costumes. Reimagine the costume and send us your entries

    1. Everyone can join the event.
    2. Like this Post.
    3. Share this Post, and set the post as public to view.
    4. Comment your Karas Costume Design art entry. Kindly include your Character Name, Server and tag 3 other friends.

    Criteria for judging:
    • Originality 30%
    • Creativity 30%
    • Appeal and Impact 40%

    Please do keep in mind that we may not choose a 1st place winner if ever we don't see any of the entries worth the 1st place.

    The winner of the contest will be receiving:
    1st Place:
    • 3x Joker Palladium Chest
    • 3x Sacred Enhance Stone [Rank 3]
    • 1x Transcendent Enhance Stone [+18]
    • 3x Transcendent Enhancer [+15]
    • 1x Permanent P-Rare Skill Book Coupon
    • Sealed [Jin] Judar Weapon Optional Chest
    • Wings: Prayer of the Holy Light

    2nd Place
    • 1x Joker Palladium Chest
    • 2x Sacred Enhance Stone [Rank 3]
    • 1x Transcendent Enhance Stone [+14]
    • 2x Transcendent Enhancer [+15]

    3rd Place will receive:
    • 1x Transcendent Enhance Stone [+14]
    • 1x Transcendent Enhancer [+15]

    Also, if we reach 40 entries, every participant will get a Competition Box which includes the following:
    -Bang Turmoil Ticket x1
    -Dimensional Fissure Ticket x1
    -Ultimate Training Potion (1 Hour)
    -Inventory Expansion Scroll

    Submission period is May 12, 2023 ~ May 31, 2023.
    Good Luck!

    GM Bel
    VFUN C9 Arms Operation Team