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  • Dungeon of Diligence

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    Greetings Actionists!

    As the season of Spring ends, the season of Summer begins. As the new season fast approaches, a group of dust-like monsters called Gilings have awakened and will be roaming around dungeons across the continent. The monster has been known to come into multiple types and color and it’s a possibility that their color can be an indication of their strength. It’s been rumored such monsters carries important treasures that may be worthy to any adventurers seeking for valuable items. The hunt is on adventurers.

    [Seasonal Event Duration]

    April 28, 2022 ~ May 11, 2022

    [Event Mechanics]

    Enter the Dungeons from the 3rd-8th Continent on Expert or Master difficulty to randomly encounter the [Giling], [Giling King], [Bronze Giling], [Silver Giling], and or [Golden Giling] event monster. Get a chance to get [Proof of Diligence Box] every time you defeat any of the event monster.

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    Open a [Proof of Diligence Box] to get a variety of rewards like Weapon Transcendence Protection Crystal, Goddess Tears and many more!

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    For the latest news and updates about C9, please follow us on our official channels.

    VFUN C9 Arms Operation Team