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C9 Global 1st Year Anniversary!

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  • C9 Global 1st Year Anniversary!

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    Continent of the Ninth Seal 1st Anniversary

    The time has come for us to commemorate the Continent of the Ninth Seal 1st Anniversary!
    Make room and give way for the exciting and thrilling celebration of C9’s Anniversary!

    The anniversary event will start this September 1, 2022. We will provide a variety of excitement events in line with C9’s first Anniversary. We would like to extend our deepest appreciation to you, our devoted players. Actionist around the world, Thank you so much!

    1st Anniversary Events

    Prepare yourself for a whole month festivities including dungeon events, login rewards, giveaway and boost events! We will have a Daily Login Giveaway so make sure to login during September 1 – 21, 2022!

    Be ready to face our event mobs across the continents as spawn chance has been greatly boosted. Starting September 1 – 30, 2022.

    Celebrate with us for the goddesses have descended upon this world. In celebration of the coming of the Goddess of Malevolence there will be a 300% EXP Bonus Event on September 9, 10, & 11. Also the Goddess of Malevolence Boxes will be offered on the cash shop for only 50 Gcoin on those days. One might receive her grace or anguish.

    After the Goddess of Malevolence presented her presence. The most awaited Holy Goddess will shower all the blessings we needed. The Holy Goddess will provide 700% EXP Bonus in the future!

    We'll also be holding a Raffle Event on marked dates on the Event Calendar, stay tune for more information!

    We'll be holding multiple EXP Bonus Events and as well the most request Enhancement Event!

    Login Rewards
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    1st Anniversary SNS Event

    We’ve been together through hard times and good times. As fellow Actionist, we want to hear your story. Let us reflect on our journey across the continent and this time, tell us more about your story from the beginning of playing C9. There will be valuable rewards to be won!

    1st Anniversary Event Calendar

    In celebration of C9 Global's 1st Year Anniversary under the VFUN Service, we'll be holding various events starting today until the end of September! Be sure to check out our Event Calendar! More will be revealed each week so stay tune.

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    Super-Secret Giveaway on September 29th!

    Be sure to login on September 29, 2022 for the super-secret giveaway as the item will only be given and received on that day only. You don’t want to miss on this chance!

    September 28, 2022 PST
    September 29, 2022 UTC
    September 29, 2022 CET

    Nefer's Cup: Anniversary PVP Event

    In line with this year's anniversary, we will be conducting a PVP Tournament. The tournament will be broadcasted on our official Facebook Page.

    Check the link below for more details:

    Share your C9 Adventure Story!

    Greetings C9 Actionist!

    The time has come to gather and reflect on our journeys as fellow adventurers across the continents.

    Everyone is invited to write a short story about their adventure across the continents throughout the years. Take a look back and reminisce all the hard work and efforts you’ve endured. It can be from the how you did quest clears with your friends to how you found your allies and forged a fellowship and guild. We want to hear more of your stories of your adventures within Continent of the Ninth Seal!

    First Share Your Story Event (September 12, 2022)

    September 12, 2022 Winners:

    BigHot - US (Akene)
    GriIIedPancake™ - EU (Rahkdan)
    DeadlyAim★ - EU (Rahkdan)
    RiddellOfficial - SEA (Acharon)

    Second Share Your Story Event (September 19, 2022)

    Anniversary Exclusive Cash Shop Item

    During this Anniversary, we'll be putting a C9 Anniversary Box on the cash shop for only 100 GCOINs. The random box will only be up on the cash shop for entire duration of the event.
    Due to the abuse that happened with the daily login reward event, we will be limiting the sale until Sept 7, 2022.

    C9 Anniversary Box Content:

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    Stay tune as we still got more surprises for everyone!
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