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Winter Cup Livestream Event!

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  • Winter Cup Livestream Event!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	330176388_218334663994064_2514974807288137903_n.jpg Views:	0 Size:	103.2 KB ID:	68878
    Greetings Actionists!

    As celebration of this Winter Cup Tournament, we are holding a giveaway campaign during this event!

    We have prepared two giveaway campaign and everyone is invited to join and participate!

    The first one is!

    Facebook Livestream Winter Cup Giveaway Mission!

    [Event Mechanics]

    1. Watch the Winter Cup Tournament Livestream

    Livestream Link:

    SEA Winter Cup:
    EU Winter Cup:
    US Winter Cup:

    2. During any part the livestream, an image popup will appear with the written text "GIVEAWAY MISSION START!"

    3. Once the specified text has appeared during the stream, write a comment on the stream

    4. The comment must contain the following details

    Character name:
    Server Name:
    World Name:
    Message to your fellow livestream viewers:
    Tag 3 friends, and make sure that you have a sharer badge.

    5. Be sure to leave a lovely message to everyone!

    6. The comments will only count as an entry during the "GIVEAWAY MISSION START!" event.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	giveaway_mission_start.png Views:	0 Size:	53.6 KB ID:	68877
    This will appear during the Livestream! Keep an eye out!

    7. Winners will be selected after a certain period of time

    8. Three (3) winners will be selected for Winter Cup 2022 Livestream Gift Box and one (1) winner will be selected Winter Cup 2022 Livestream Mega Box every "GIVEAWAY MISSION START!" appears

    9. The event ends once winners have been selected

    10. A total of 3 "GIVEAWAY MISSION START!" event will appear during the livestream, be sure to keep a sharp eye!

    Disclaimer #1: All four details on the comment must be provided otherwise it is not a valid entry
    Disclaimer #2: Spamming of entries during the event will invalidate/disqualify that participant's entry

    For the other half of the event!

    Guess The Winner Discord Event!

    [Event Mechanics]

    1. Join the Continent of the Ninth Seal Discord Server if not yet a member

    2. The channel "Winter-Cup-Guess-the-winner" will be initially locked. It will unlock and everyone will be notified. Be sure to be alert!

    3. Once the channel has been unlocked, an image will be posted by the GM indicating that the event has started!
    Click image for larger version  Name:	01 DiscordEvent_Open.png Views:	0 Size:	366.5 KB ID:	68879

    4. Once the event has started, post the name of the team that you think will be the one crowned champion!

    5. Only the first message sent by the participating player will count as their vote/entry. Be sure to pick your guess wisely!

    6. Include the following details along with your guess:

    Character name:
    Server Name:
    World Name:

    7. The event will be closed after a period of time, a GM will post another image declaring the event is closed.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	02 DiscordEvent_Closed.png Views:	0 Size:	246.0 KB ID:	68880

    8. Any entries posted after the even has closed are considered invalid

    9. History of Message Deletion will disqualify that player from the event

    10. Edited messages are considered invalid entries

    11. Ten (10) random players who posted an entry on the Guess The Winner channel will be selected to get Winter Cup 2022 Discord Winner's Gift Box

    12. Three (3) Players who will correctly guess who will be crowned champion for that Server will win Winter Cup 2022 Discord Winner's Mega Box

    13. In the event that more than three (3) players guessed the winners correctly, it will be a first-post, first-winner basis. Earlier valid and correct guesses will take priority over later entries.

    Disclaimer #1: Only entries sent after "Guess The Winner is now open!" are counted
    Disclaimer #2: Any messages posted after ""Guess The Winner Entries is now closed!" has been declared are no longer valid
    Disclaimer #3: Spamming of entries during the event will invalidate/disqualify that participant's entry
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