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Romantic Fallen Cherry Season

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  • Romantic Fallen Cherry Season

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    Greetings Actionists!

    In spring, the flowers don't just bloom; they sway in a gentle breeze. Each petal tells a unique story of growth and rebirth. The spring breeze carries the whispers of the Cherry Blossom plant, who brings new life to the world. It's said that the Cherry Blossom Tree can be unpredictable and may surprise any passerby. But beware, the sightings of the Cherry blossom plant must be gather at all costs, for it can cause chaos and disrupt the harmony of nature. Venture out into the lush meadows of every corner of the world, and defeat the Cherry Blossom plant! Who knows, they may drop something valuable that could aid in your journey.

    [Seasonal Event Duration]
    May 1, 2023 ~ May 25, 2023

    [Event Mechanics]
    Enter the Dungeons from the 3rd-7th Continent on Expert or Master difficulty to get a chance to encounter [Potted Cherry Blossom Tree] that may drop [Cherry Blossom Petals], [Sun Cherry Branch], and [Night Cherry Blossom Branch] upon defeat. Approach Breena and exchange the rewards.

    These are the items that can be exchanged for the drop:

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