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  • Broken Sound

    Is it too much to ask for the game to have functioning sound?

    Quarentine sound of defeat while playing other modes.
    You win/you lost sound echoing 2 or more times at the end of a game, accolades sound getting distorted, echoing or does not sound at all.
    Voice chat randomly activate itself while playing but also voice chat key rebinds itself to "T" after having been bound to something else.
    Weather/surrounding sound like rain for instance change while outside just by moving close to a stone cube making it souund like your under roof or inside
    Weapons, explosives and steps from players are distorted, can sound like they are right beside you or behind you while they are far away or on another floor altogeather, but also in the way of reducing the sound to either close to or inaudiable making players able to shoot you without you noticeing untill they have hit you and you get a hitmarker even though they are right beside you (another example is being killed by a grenade and not hearing the sound of a grenade going off).
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