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  • Miss and a kill

    Several times now have i seen myself hit a corner or beside my enemy yet they have still been killed from it, today i got to see another player do the same thing to me, shooting me though a solid object (unbreakable box) and visually seeing the tracer line go though the box and out on the other side hitting me.

    Now i would like to know if this is a known issue that you are working on or if this is just one of the countless bugs that exists but isnt dealth with.
    This problem have been occuring over a long period of time but its not that easy to "just get" a recording of it without having to record every game over an extended period of time thus i have no video to show of it happening.

    Edit: While spectating though killcam i saw my teammate kill an enemy that was behind my teammate when the killing shot was fired, its extremely frustrating that the game cant even handle either the displaying or the calculation of how the combat is done, my guess being on the latter more than the former of the two.
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