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Why support doesnt answer shet???

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  • Why support doesnt answer shet???

    whats going on with this game and its developers, i have 3 inquiries being on hold more that a month, they are doing shit, they dont care about the community at all

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    Are you just now realizing that they don't care ? They have not cared in quiet some time now. Just look at the forums, or should I say the lack there of. These forums used to be filled with a strong community and now it is barely surviving. Instead of listening to the community, they create stupid ass event, raise weapon prices, lower weapon resale fees, do nothing to stop the hackers. Hell they cant even keep a constant GP/EXP going without trying to bribe the community with false hopes of fixing the game. At this point they should
    do the community a favor and
    shit can the whole game.
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      I am little confused RoGlo There were quite a few improvements the last few months in Reloaded.
      Anyway ontopic:
      The developers have not really something to do with the Customer Support nikichez and on forums nobody can help you about your issue too. If you wish, contact me via direct message in the official VALOFE Combat Arms Discord. Let's see if we can find a solution for your issues.


      • nikichez
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        i cant find u on discord dude, i really need help qitht the game

      • Brotkrumen
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        I found you and sent you a DM.

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      Brotkrumen Are you confused because someone actually called VALOFE out or are you confused about which bullshit response to use ? The only improvements that have been made are the ones that benefit the company and not the player.


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        Oh I just realize how
        • the loadout changes which can be done now in room lobbies
        • Selling sealed items which you have permanent already
        • Implementing the grading system to Custom Matches + rewards
        • Adding BSS back to the client
        • Sponsoring and supporting community hosted tournaments
        • Implementing the Combat week with different kinds of events
        • listening to the community and implementing missed spec items back to the client
        • implementing a room restriction for these spec items to custom rooms which was also requested by the community
        • removing the normal Matchmaking which was totally useless from the start
        • implementing the quick join function
        • and in the briefings are also shared some other incoming improvements
        this only benefits the company.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	companies benefits.PNG
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        My bad. Seriously, looks like I have no clue about all the done improvements and just share you some bullshit so I have something to response. My apology.

        nikichez Contact me please, I discribed how to do so in my privious post.
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          nikichez I sent you a DM on Discord, so I am locking this thread now.