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Where can I buy this weapons?

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  • Where can I buy this weapons?

    I play in quarentine mode and see player setup a black and gold torrette at (0:15), but I dont see it on the shop where can we buy this weapons at? Was it on black friday sale, did I missed it?
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    A black and gold Auto-turret?
    I have never seen one for sale since I play. But I remember they are in the second map (Death Row) for "Hired Gun".
    more info on the Combat Arms wiki :
    The weapon does not make the player


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      If you look at the one who placed it carefully, it's VotedForTrump, this player used VIP hacks, he just happened to get access to that turret somehow. Turrets were originally removed from the game.

      EDIT: Looks like the turret is still in the game.
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