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Why do not you balance this?

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  • Why do not you balance this?

    I just got this image thanks to the thread I made in "suggestions".

    Why Mei does not have the same statistics as Classic Mei ?, the same goes for the other classic mercenaries?
    Let's fix the statistics of the mercenaries.

    Mei = light vest = 4.1% speed / 5% protection
    Classic mei = light vest = 6.7% speed / 5% protection
    light vest = 6.7% speed / 5% protection

    @Brotkrumen help us fix it
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    I'm glad you brought this up because I really think they should be buffed quite a bit. They're outclassed and there's nothing really going for them in the meta right now. Even though I main quite the under rated Hauser (I sometimes use Rainer but not often), I consider them the best Mercenaries right now but even they are falling short these days.

    Honestly, they're simply outclassed by a lot of the vests in the game.

    If you want to know the 3 best vests in the entire game (at least to me) it'd be the recon, assault, and tanker vest.