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WHY ELITE MODERATOR is back pfff ?

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  • WHY ELITE MODERATOR is back pfff ?

    Hi all,

    it's been a long time since I did not play and i see ELITE MODERATOR is back!
    Serious ... it only serves to make pay bad players of the game and to annoy the good players. nothing else!
    it's been a long time I did not play, it would be even longer because ELITE MODERATOR it's big shit.
    ELITE room = ELITE abuse 99%
    DELETE ELITE MODERATOR for ever serious, you so much need money so much ELITE MODERATOR is back? LoL
    STEAM it's your last chance the game is restarted, but it's gone wrong for for the moment ...
    there is so many good things in this game...
    and there is so many bad things but who pays money to the developers...
    it will be without me, but good luck...

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    10 minutes ago, i play one good game and my skill is back, dude! im happy :-) i go play 2nd game and...
    Elite modérator kik me because i good play... thx guy... pffff
    i exit game for long time. really frustrate.
    bye, I return play "counter strike GO" and "battle field 1 & 5".