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Bullets not registering

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  • Bullets not registering

    I hope Valofe will do a patch on this... abt every game 1 or 2 of my guns don't work.. they fire but its like im firing blanks. but if you reload ur gun, that seems to fix the problem but still its a problem..

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    I did mention this problem for two times in this forum. I hope I am very wrong, but there are no signals that this problem is solved in short notice. Per haps Valofe is prepared to give some explanation what the trouble is............


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      Ya.. but this problem is game wide.. not only in 1 mode.. but all the modes.. surprise there isn't more ppl complaining abt this problem.. When we had a game wide glitch.. back b4 Valofe.. Nexon did a emergency patch really quick.. If I was valofe.. I would fix this problem and keep e1 playing happy .. they drag their feet with these kind of glitch.. that's the fast way to get rid of the very few players playing this game at this moment... let alone players will be frustrated and either quit or not buy any NX.. for say... Keep the players happy Valofe… drag ur feet with this game wide glitch.. and u will see more ppl leaving this game.


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        Regarding the Hit Registration Bug

        Bug appearance:
        1. Shoot one of your weapons
        2. Switch to any other weapon without refilling the magazine.
        This bugs every used item after this "not refilled" weapon, including melee, pistole, medkit etc..

        How to avoid this bug until its fix:
        Make sure, that you are able to refill your weapon before switching to the other item. Especially before switching to items which have no remaining magazine to be refilled -> Minigun, Legion ...

        If still an item gets bugged:

        How to break the bug for most of the items:
        If you have a bugged weapon, refill the magazine with remaining ammo by pressing R. In most of the cases the bug can be broken at this way, except with items which can't be refilled like Minigun or Legion.


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          Even after to days update, bugs are stiil there……….Valofe mentions that the fixed the problem; not true. Do they take this game serious? please give some explenation of the state of this game. Make us understand……….


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              It is even worse than it was last week. I lost a whole grade because of these bugs. How can I fight when can not shoot back........Valafo, my advice; shut the game down for a day or more and fix all the bugs. It is getting harder to keep supporting this game.


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                Originally posted by snuit View Post
                The guy in the video is addressing the right issues but doesn't understand the core of the problems and his "solutions" would only make things worse.


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                  I wonder what that nearly 2 years old video has to do with the current topic of this thread? Nothing.
                  Anyway, the hit registry issue was fixed. If you guys encounter new issues related to that subject, I suggest you to report it accordingly in the bug report section.
                  Thanks in advance.